As the most exposed part of the building, the roof faces some of the biggest challenges—from 70-degree sunshine in the summer to -40 degrees and snow loads in the winter. In cold climates, a roof must be properly sized, well-insulated, well-sealed, and reliable under extreme conditions. The best option in a cold climate is a cold roof, which contains a continuous air vent (ideally a 2-inch air space) between the roof insulation and the sheathing to prevent indoor heat and moisture from reaching the top of the roof.       CCHRC ABOUT US Retrofitting Gutters and good drainage Attics, Air Leakage & Stack Effect  Types of roofing Safety Graphics Green roof at CCHRC Green roof hydrology  Rainwater catchment in Alaska Hot vs. cold roofs Types of insulation Installing metal roofing   Snow loads on the roof How do I inspect my chimney for safety? Photos Green roof at CCHRC Copyright © 2012 Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Inc.     |    1000 Fairbanks Street    |    Fairbanks, AK 99708      |      907-457-3454      |      Contact Us      |      Sitemap      |      Disclaimer