REGIONAL APPLICABILITY Alaska is home to many varied climates and building environments, and not all the information contained on this site is applicable to all areas of the state.  Some of the information on this site is most relevant to Interior and cold regions of Alaska.  If you have questions about best practices for building or retrofitting in Alaska please consult with a building professional in your region, or contact CCHRC at (907) 457-3454 or   The site will evolve to include videos, podcasts and articles that target specific regions throughout Alaska. Soon you will be able to click on the region where you live for custom content on regional building techniques and challenges. CCHRC is currently working with partners throughout Alaska to develop this content. We look forward to continuing to learn together and share what we know about healthy, durable, and sustainable shelter across Alaska. CCHRC ABOUT US Copyright © 2012 Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Inc.     |    1000 Fairbanks Street    |    Fairbanks, AK 99708      |      907-457-3454      |      Contact Us      |      Sitemap      |      Disclaimer