GENERAL INFO GENERAL INFO You can’t live in Alaska without heat. There are many different heating appliances and distribution systems to choose from (from wood stoves, oil boilers, and ground source heat pumps to hydronic, forced air, and radiant distribution). The most common heating appliances in Fairbanks are oil-fired boilers and wood stoves (often used as a supplemental source). Wood, oil, and coal are the most available and common fuel sources in the Interior.  CCHRC has studied the energy efficiency, cost, and maintenance requirements of various heating systems and is researching ways to incorporate and expand alternative energy sources.      CCHRC ABOUT US Boilers Certified wood stoves Masonry heater Boilers GSHP Solar thermal  Burning Wood Alternative energy Consumer Guide to Home Heating Ground source heat pump and solar thermal Masonry heater efficiency study Wood storage best practices How do I burn wood cleanly and efficient? How to season firewood Economic benefits of burning cleanly How does a masonry heater work Ground source heat pumps Heat pumps What is passive solar design Ground source heat pumps Boilers Summer hot water How do boilers work? Understanding common boiler vocab Domestic Hot Water What are the benefits of on- demand water heaters? How do tankless hot water heaters work? How do I care for my home septic system? Should I use a water heater blanket? Sizing How do I properly size my heating system? Should I replace my heating system? Copyright © 2012 Cold Climate Housing Research Center, Inc.     |    1000 Fairbanks Street    |    Fairbanks, AK 99708      |      907-457-3454      |      Contact Us      |      Sitemap      |      Disclaimer Small space heater maintenance Integrated heating & ventilation