GW Scientific

Geowatersheds Scientific

Geowatersheds Scientific has been a member of CCHRC since 2000. CCHRC and GWS have worked together to monitor the performance of the Research and Testing Facility, develop plans for homeowners to reduce runoff, and monitor the energy and systems performance of a prototype home in the village of Anaktuvuk Pass.

Sustainable Northern Communities Monitoring

The Sustainable Northern Communities program aims to develop energy efficient, affordable, healthy housing that fits the climate and culture of Alaska communities. SNC brings together local residents, tribal governments, state and federal agencies, housing authorities, and other partners. CCHRC monitors the prototype homes to troubleshoot and improve designs.

Green Infrastructure

Designs for 10 systems that home owners can implement to reduce rainwater and pollutant runoff from their property, which were demonstrated at homes throughout Fairbanks.

Safe & Effective Exterior Insulation Retrofits

CCHRC studied various housing retrofit techniques in a test lab to investigate the thermal and moisture performance of different wall designs. The results provide standards for building energy efficient, durable, healthy homes.

Anaktuvuk Pass Prototype Home

CCHRC worked with the community of Anaktuvuk Pass in 2009 to design and construct an affordable, energy efficient, healthy home that incorporated indigenous elements like earth-berming and a sod roof. The design drives down construction and energy costs and fits the local climate and culture.

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