Analysis North

Analysis North

CCHRC worked with Analysis North on upgrading AKWarm, the software used by energy raters to determine the energy efficiency of a home.

Mountain View Housing Study

This study evaluated new homes built by the Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) and a local contractor that are heated with boilers or furnace. Researchers examined the energy efficiency, homeowner comfort, indoor air quality, and humidity control of the homes. The project is jointly funded by the Cook Inlet Housing Authority and CCHRC.

Building Usage Data System (BUDS) Projects

We produced a data collection and usage visualization package designed to be the standard for energy raters and auditors in Alaska.

AKWarm Modernization and Improvements

CCHRC contracted with Arctic Energy Systems to develop computer software that calculates the design heating load of a home in order to properly size a home heating system. The free online program can be used by contractors and homeowners to model and plan the components of their house.
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