Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Fuel Use Monitoring

Researchers are testing several methods of monitoring fuel use at the household level to identify a cost-effective and accurate method for monitoring heating oil consumption across Alaska.

ARIS Development

CCHRC manages the Alaska Retrofit Information System (ARIS) for AHFC. The ARIS database includes info on size, cost, energy use, and more for over 75,000 housing units in Alaska. It is a valuable tool for housing and energy policies and programs.

Alaska Housing Assessment

This report is an overview of the current characteristics of Alaska's housing stock at many levels: statewide, by region, census area, and community.

Healthy Homes in Alaska

The purpose of this program was to demonstrate cost-effective, preventative measures to correct health hazards in the homes that lead to serious upper respiratory illness in children. It also addressed how changes in indoor air quality affected the health of residents.

AKWarm Modernization and Improvements

CCHRC contracted with Arctic Energy Systems to develop computer software that calculates the design heating load of a home in order to properly size a home heating system. The free online program can be used by contractors and homeowners to model and plan the components of their house.

Anchorage Foundation Insulation Study

A study of whether a popular insulation strategy was causing frost heave in Anchorage homes.

Anaktuvuk Pass Prototype Home

CCHRC worked with the community of Anaktuvuk Pass in 2009 to design and construct an affordable, energy efficient, healthy home that incorporated indigenous elements like earth-berming and a sod roof. The design drives down construction and energy costs and fits the local climate and culture.


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