Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Frost-Protected Shallow Foundation Study

Frost-protected shallow foundations rely on placing enough insulation outside of a shallow foundation to protect it from heaving due to seasonal freezing. Temperature sensors were installed at two houses with these foundations to measure the thermal regime of the soil.

Health House VOC Monitoring

CCHRC collected data on Volatile Organic Compounds in various new homes in Fairbanks and Juneau to assess the effect of different ventilation strategies on indoor air quality.

Geopolymer Cements

CCHRC did a high level analysis of the local market potential for geopolymer cements, including an assessment of available local materials, potential of local product manufacturing, and potential economic feasibility.

Sustainable Northern Communities Monitoring

The Sustainable Northern Communities program aims to develop energy efficient, affordable, healthy housing that fits the climate and culture of Alaska communities. SNC brings together local residents, tribal governments, state and federal agencies, housing authorities, and other partners. CCHRC monitors the prototype homes to troubleshoot and improve designs.

Safe & Effective Exterior Insulation Retrofits

CCHRC studied various housing retrofit techniques in a test lab to investigate the thermal and moisture performance of different wall designs. The results provide standards for building energy efficient, durable, healthy homes.

Evaluating Window Insulation

CCRHC tested eight types of common window insulation treatments during a Fairbanks winter to see how they handled heat loss and moisture buildup. Exterior insulation methods, like shutters and storm windows, tended to perform the best and have the fewest condensation problems.

Energy Use in Alaska's Public Facilities

This is the first in-depth picture of the energy use of Alaska public buildings based on comprehensive energy audits of 327 public facilities. The average building can save $25,000 per year on energy just by modest investments in efficiency.

Building America in Alaska

A "Building America in Alaska" team of building industry professionals from across the state worked with cold climate experts to develop plans for energy efficient, durable, healthy, and cost effective homes affordable to moderate income Alaskans

BEES Studies

CCHRC conducts economic analyses of AHFC's energy efficiency standards, known as Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES). This looks at the construction costs and maintenance costs of meeting the standards and quantifies the savings in areas like energy, heath, and safety.

Building Usage Data System (BUDS) Projects

We produced a data collection and usage visualization package designed to be the standard for energy raters and auditors in Alaska.


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