Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

Little Ventilation Project

Looking at ventilation systems that can improve indoor air quality in small homes while limiting energy use.

LED Lighting Market Analysis

Assessment of the LED market for suitable linear fluorescent replacements.

Garage Wall Analysis

CCHRC is looking at attached garages to see if they adequately prevent pollutants from entering the house.

Weatherization & Rebate Program Impacts Report

An overview of the impacts of the Home Energy Rebate and Weatherization programs and success in accomplishing legislative goals:

Safe Effective Affordable Retrofits

Testing a new batch of wall systems that can provide affordable retrofit options.

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) in Cold Climates

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs) are whole house ventilation systems that exchange stale indoor air with fresh outside air, recovering both heat and moisture from the indoor air to save energy. They have the potential to improve indoor air quality in a cold dry climate like Interior Alaska.

Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings

CCHRC published a number of reports on the Energy Efficicency of Public Buildings in Alaska in cooperation with AHFC. Click the links below to read the reports.

HERS Software Development

CCHRC is researching and developing guidelines for AHFC staff to use when reviewing software for compliance with the Home Energy Rating System (HERS) standard.

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

AHFC is a state-owned entity that finances more than 40 percent of all new residential construction in Alaska. AHFC supports the existence and operation of CCHRC as well as many individual projects.

Rebate & Weatherization Program Evaluation Audit Process

This project evaluated AHFC's weatherization and rebate programs to determine outcomes and recommend improvements.


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