CCHRC tests, evaluates, and demonstrates innovative heating and ventilation systems for cold climate applications. Our goal is to develop affordable solutions using existing technologies that are adapted for the north. All energy systems must address efficiency, local resources, and indoor air quality. Our energy research includes ground source heat pumps in permafrost terrain, cold climate air source heat pumps, solar thermal collection, biomass heating, and integrated heating and ventilation.  


Biomass Greenhouse Handbook CCHRC produced a handbook for school districts about how to build and operate a biomass-heated greenhouse.
Thermal Storage Demonstration at CCHRC CCHRC is demonstrating a thermal storage system that uses water to seasonally store energy from the sun. Click here for live data!
Thermal Mass Study Thermal mass is the ability of a material to absorb and store heat energy, which can be useful when it comes to cold climate housing. This project clarifies the role of thermal mass in housing and includes a literature review and energy modeling with IDA Indoor Climate and Energy (ICE) software.
Air Source Heat Pumps for Residential Baseboard Heating CCHRC is working with utilities in Southeast Alaska to identify air source heat pumps that work for homes with baseboard hydronic heating. CCHRC is investigating the stats and availability of compatible technologies for residential applications in the U.S. and foreign markets.
Hybrid Micro-Energy Project This project was designed to explore and demonstrate how a variety of renewable energy sources can be integrated to power single- and multi-family housing energy demands in Alaska.