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The goal of these projects is to reduce and stabilize energy costs in tribal buildings in four different communities in Southwest Alaska. CCHRC will work with the Tribal Councils to identify tribal buildings that can benefit from an energy retrofit, perform energy audits on the buildings, and create an Energy Action Plan for each building. The Energy Action Plans will emphasize building safety, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort. They will go beyond reporting the energy audit results to also include chapters tailored to Tribal Council goals on funding options, training opportunities for building owners and maintenance staff, data monitoring plans, and a scope of work for contractors.

Building baseline data
Aniak - electricity
Aniak - fuel
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Sustainable Priorities for Alaska Rural Communities (SPARC) CCHRC participated in a project led by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium to complete and document energy efficiency retrofits and resulting energy savings in in the two rural Alaska communities of Anvik and Hughes.
Energy Efficiency Program & Policy Recommendations This project is a comprehensive review and analysis of the energy efficiency policies and programs in the State of Alaska. The final report was completed in 2008 and many of the recommendations were implemented.
Mountain View Housing Study This study evaluated new homes built by the Cook Inlet Housing Authority (CIHA) and a local contractor that are heated with boilers or furnace. Researchers examined the energy efficiency, homeowner comfort, indoor air quality, and humidity control of the homes. The project is jointly funded by the Cook Inlet Housing Authority and CCHRC.
Fuel Use Monitoring Researchers are testing several methods of monitoring fuel use at the household level to identify a cost-effective and accurate method for monitoring heating oil consumption across Alaska.
Fairbanks Nonprofit Retrofit Pilot This pilot project helps Alaska nonprofits save money by making their buildings more energy efficient. The goal is to help the nonprofit sector substantially reduce its energy costs so organizations can spend more on their mission.