Barnette's School of the Future

Project Page

Congratulations to Barnette Magnet School in Fairbanks, Alaska! Recent grand prize winners of the School of the Future Design Competition, the students designed a school that would incorporate many of the principles of excellent green building:

  • Built over a river in order to use hydroelectric power in the building
  • An organic, student-operated greenhouse
  • A green roof
  • Ramps, elevators and other structures to accommodate differently-abled students, staff and visitors
  • Many windows place to take advantage of passive solar heat and light

As part of their plan, students wrote about how the building would be used:

 “Our school involves the community in many ways. The students perform community service on Fridays. Extra vegetables and fruit from the greenhouse are sold to the community as a fundraiser for the school. The school employs local artists, musicians, and athletes as teachers. Certain areas of the school are also open to the public. SubZero Middle School is truly a community centered, innovative and eco-friendly school of the future.”

We are proud to have played a small role in helping these enterprising students begin their planning. Click here for more information.