UAF Geophysical Institute

Scientists at the Geophysical Institute study geophysical processes in action from the center of Earth to the surface of the sun and beyond. The Institute turns data and observations into information useful for research, state and national needs.

Sunrise Energy Works

Sunrise Energy Works is an Anchorage-based company that partnered with CCHRC to study the effectiveness of ventilation techniques in new housing in Anchorage.

UAF Office of Sustainability

The UAF Office of Sustainability was established in 2010 to create a campuswide network of sustainability, engage the community, and transform UAF into an environmentally friendly institution.


University of Alaska Fairbanks

CCHRC is working with the University of Alaska Fairbanks to design a sustainable student development with a cluster of super-efficient homes heated with renewable energy.

Sierra Research, Inc.

Sierra Research, Inc. is a leading consulting firm in the field of air quality and air pollution control. The company provides government and private-sector clients with a wide range of engineering, testing, modeling, analytical, and regulatory compliance services related to air quality and air pollution control.

Native Village of Quinhagak

The Native Village of Kwinhagak (NVK) hired CCHRC to collaborate with residents to design a home that is affordable, energy efficient, and healthy. CCHRC house, which was constructed in 2010, reflects the climate and tastes of the community.

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation

AHFC is a state-owned entity that finances more than 40 percent of all new residential construction in Alaska. AHFC supports the existence and operation of CCHRC as well as many individual projects.


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