CCHRC is working with spray foam manufacturer Icynene to test how low-density spray polyurethane foam performs in the extreme cold climate of Alaska.

Geowatersheds Scientific

Geowatersheds Scientific has been a member of CCHRC since 2000. CCHRC and GWS have worked together to monitor the performance of the Research and Testing Facility, develop plans for homeowners to reduce runoff, and monitor the energy and systems performance of a prototype home in the village of Anaktuvuk Pass.

Resource Data Inc.

Resource Data, Inc provides custom database, web and GIS programming services throughout Alaska. 

Lifewater Engineering

Lifewater Engineering is a Fairbanks company that specializes in cold climate sewage treatment. The systems are designed for residential and village applications where a conventional leach field system won’t work, perhaps because of difficult access, poor soil conditions, ice-rich permafrost or bedrock, expensive electricity, or strict environmental regulations.

Ivan Moore Research

Ivan Moore worked with CCHRC to conduct a customer survey of Four Plus and Five-Star Plus homes to determine customer satisfaction and understanding of building components.

Analysis North

CCHRC worked with Analysis North on upgrading AKWarm, the software used by energy raters to determine the energy efficiency of a home.

Alaska Energy Authority

The Alaska Energy Authority aims to develop energy projects that reduce the cost of energy in Alaska. AEA has supported several research projects at CCHRC based on reviewing policies and making recommendations to policy makers.


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